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Uh, right. These days the NYT *needs* to make this distinction:

I.B.M. researchers say they are now routinely using a digital snapshot of the six billion documents that make up the non-pornographic World Wide Web to do survey research and answer questions for corporate customers on diverse topics, such as market research and corporate branding.

While movies from iTunes aren’t really doing it for me, I did watch a little of a Bruce Sterling ubicomp lecture this morning on my iPod. That was the ideal application - a lecture captured on a camcorder that doesn’t have tremendous graphic needs, but getting some of the body language and expressions really enhanced the audio. And Sterling’s PencilPoint.PPT slides rule.
From Jayme McLellan, upcoming curatorial project featuring some of my favorite folks:

Introducing Washington, DC’s newest gallery supporting emerging and underrepresented artists: Civilian Art Projects. Stay tuned for more information on Civilian and our launch exhibition:

Dynamic Field
Dec 2, 2006 – Dec 23, 2006

Breck Omar Brunson
J Carrier
Lily Cox-Richard
Jason Falchook
Erick Jackson
Michael Johnson
Nilay Lawson
Jason Zimmerman

Opening Reception for the artists:
Saturday, Dec. 2nd 7-9 p.m.

Warehouse Arts Complex
1017-21 7th Street NW